ZS of SX March Madness

Third Round Scores

round three results Dave Mathews Jeff Barr David Porter Tops Wally
round 0ne 24 23 20 19 20
round two 10 9 9 10 8
round three 6 6 5 4 4
TOTAL 40 38 34 33 32
Final Four Bonus Points          
EAST Michigan Michigan Michigan Alabama Michigan
WEST Gonzaga Iowa Gonzaga Gonzaga Gonzaga
SOUTH Florida Ohio St Baylor Baylor Baylor
MIDWEST West Virginia Illinois Illinois Illinois Illinois
Champion Bonus Points Loyola Illinois Gonzaga Baylor Gonzaga
Gonzaga X X X X  
Creighton         X
USC X X     X
Oregon     X X  
Michhigan X X X   X
Florida St.       X  
UCLA         X
Alabama X X X X  
Baylor X X X X  
Villanova         X
Arkansas X X X X  
Oral Roberts         X
Loyola Chigaco X X X X  
Oregon St         X
Syracuse         X
Houston X X X X  
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