ZS of SX March Madness

Third Round Scores

Round Three Jeff Barr Wally Ryan Grigsby Dave Porter Dave Mathews Wayne Grenko Tops
1st round 28 26 27 22 22 22 20
2nd round 15 14 12 16 14 14 13
3rd round 5 4 5 6 4 4 5
TOTAL 48 44 44 44 40 40 38
Final Four Bonus Points              
EAST Michigan St Duke Duke Duke Duke Michigan St Duke
WEST Gonzaga Gonzaga Gonzaga Texas Tech Michigan Gonzaga Gonzaga
SOUTH Tennessee Virginia Virginia Tennessee Tennessee Virginia Virginia
MIDWEST North Carolina Kentuckey Kentuckey Kentuckey North Carolina North Carolina Kentuckey
Champion Bonus Points Tennessee Virginia Duke Duke Duke Gonzaga Gonzaga
Duke X X X X X X X
Virginia Tech              
LSU   X          
Michigan State X   X X X X X
Gonzaga X X X X X X X
Florida State              
Texas Tech   X   X      
Michigan X   X   X X X
Virginia X X X X X X X
Tennessee X X X X X X X
North Carolina X X X X X X X
Houston   X     X X  
Kentucky X   X X     X

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